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Imperia in 35mm, is beyond common facilities.
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Looking for a special location for your next film or TV production?
The Province of Imperia is for you: medieval villages, urban and coastal scenery, mountain landscapes, seascapes, architecture as Villa Grock, Faravelli Villa, Villa Nobel, the Casino Sanremo … or naturalistic settings such as Hanbury Gardens, the Shrine of cetaceans or the Alps a few steps from the coast will be at your disposal.

Turistic Infos

Imperia is named after the river Empire, which flows near the original cities of Oneglia and Porto Maurizio. The two towns, separated by a centuries-old rivalry, were merged into a single municipality in 1923. In this river the colors of the sea mingle with the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation thanks to the mild climate. Charming views open up from the promenade that runs between large African palms and on cliffs overlooked by ancient towns and medieval streets uphill.

Parasio, the largest historical center of Porto Maurizio, enjoys a scenic hill near the coast and alternates in a happy juxtaposition medieval buildings, baroque churches, “logge” overlooking the sea and the typical alleyways that reach the highest places. In restaurants you will discover the great olive oil tradition that enriches taste the local cuisine based on vegetables and fish.

The various stages of extra virgin olive oil production and its centuries-old history is also dedicated a museum, which is worth a visit along with other historic and scenic beauty of the area. Art, history and traditional culture coexist with the worldliness of the many venues of the coast and the shopping streets, in the shops of particularly fine wine and food products and famous and elegant shops of the city.

The beaches are well equipped for seaside quality holidays.